Gracular Suggested Retail Price (GSRP)

Instantly determine the value of a patent based on a market-based valuation approach!

Gracular Suggested Retail Price (GSRP) is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for patents that provides patent valuations using proprietary algorithm that includes the Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR). It can be thought of as for patents.

The algorithm partly depends on patent comps that are disclosed by publically owned companies in their annual reports. Transacted patents are qualitatively analyzed to determine their respective individual cost, which is then used to comparatively price patents of the same subject matter – much the same way the value of a house is determined based on several factors that include the price of neighbouring houses sold.

GSRP currently works though a feedback mechanism in a way similar to machine learning in artificial intelligence. As more patent comp data becomes available and fed into the backend, the calculated GSRP becomes more accurate as the calculated values will represent real market comps (as opposed to extrapolations).

Why Know Your Patent Value?

What is your patent worth and how does it compare to other patents?

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Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR)

Determine the qualitative ranking of a patent when measured against patents of the same subject matter.

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