How Does it Work?

Gracular gives you transactional decision-making power by:

  1. Instantly producing a percentile ranking and market-based valuation using a complex algorithm developed by a patent attorney with more than 15 years of patent law and coding experience. 
  2. The results are returned in seconds and gives patent owners an estimation of the value of their patents.  

When to use Gracular?

  1. When deciding whether or not to pay maintenance fees.
  2. As a starting point ot estimate the value of your patent for licesing or selling it.


Why Know Your Patent Value?

What is your patent worth and how does it compare to other patents?

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Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR)

Determine the qualitative ranking of a patent when measured against patents of the same subject matter.

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Gracular Suggested Retail Price (GSRP)

Instantly determine the value of a patent based on a market-based valuation approach.

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