Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR)

Determine the qualitative value of a patent when measured against patents of the same subject matter. For example, if a patent has a Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR) of 70 that means it is qualitatively better than 70% of the patents disclosing the same subject matter

PPR provides a proxy value that can be used to make a quick decision whether a patent or portfolio of patents has qualitative value when measured against patents of the same subject matter. PPR is calculated for every single US patent that is still valid, i.e., patents issued in the last 20 years.The PPR value of a patent may change every month because new patents are issued by the USPTO and since PPR is a relative score of patents of similar subject matter, a newly issued patent will affect the score of prior similar patents

PPR History tracks and displays how a PPR changes over time from the publication date. A PPR value may change weekly, Tuesdays or Thursdays, when new patents are published by the United States and Trademarks Office (USPTO) disclosing the same subject matter.

Sample PPR History Graphic Display over time

SAMPLE PPR Chart over time


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