Why Know your Patent's Value

Information is power! Knowledge of the Value of your Patent is Powerful!  

  1. Gracular is about knowing your patent's value. It is Affordable, Instant Patent Valuation
  2. Gracular is an application that enables Patent Owners to make better decisions regarding the monetization of their intellectual property by obtaining a better understanding of its value.
  3. Before Gracular, patent valuation could cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to months. Gracular provides cost-effective and instant patent valuation in seconds. In some cases, further study is needed and the Gracular analysis can be used to lower the cost and shorten the time of that further analysis.  We can help in those cases by referring you to certified patent valuation analysts.

Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR)

Determine the qualitative ranking of a patent when measured against patents of the same subject matter.

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Gracular Suggested Retail Price (GSRP)

Instantly determine the value of a patent based on a market-based valuation approach.

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